wedding-fortune-cookie_300You’re the cream in my coffee,
you’re the apple of my eye.
You’re the bread to my butter,
you’re the stars up in the sky.

We’ve had 20 happy years,
together you and me.
So I ask you once more, Kvatch
will you marry me?

10 thoughts on “9/9/09”

  1. Kvatch – Don’t you even say, “Can I think about it”. You damn near gave me a heart attack when you did that the first time. The answer you want here is Yes or Yes dear if you prefer. :-)

  2. Dave – Thanks. It’s a total lovefest here today on Ragebot. I guess I should have started with, “We interrupt this rage for a special proposal”.

  3. sorry I’m late as usual ,but this is not about me , its about the both of you ,aahh love is a wonderful thing ,ain’t it !!!!!

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