Official Republican Response – Kvatch and Frogette’s 20th

“For once, an important statement and we don’t have to listen to an official Republican response.”

— David

“The GOP doesn’t condone two frogs parading their sinful relationship in full view of our impressionable children. The fact that they don’t have any little tadpoles…no…NO…that they have refused Gawd’s commandment to ‘be fruitful and multiply’ is bad enough, but to continue this charade for 20 years…well, I just don’t know how anybody can consider that wholesome. Moreover, these two are obviously f’reigners—French, I guess?—that’s what ‘frog’ means, right?”

— Jim DeMint (R SC) Official GOP Asswipe

5 thoughts on “Official Republican Response – Kvatch and Frogette’s 20th”

  1. First Addison Graves Wilson, now James Warren DeMint.
    Looks like another apology will be coming out of South Carolina…

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