Ask an ex-governor: Late summer travel tips

by SARAH PALIN, Syndicated Columnist

by SARAH PALIN, Syndicated Columnist

Dear ex-governor,
With the kids away at college, the wife and I are thinking about taking a little vacation. Has the dollar rebounded enough to make Europe an affordable destination? Or are we looking at a stay-cation?
Signed, Roamin Holiday

Dear Roamin,
Whoa Nellie, the last thing you want right now is any travel abroad or internationally, such as to places where unplanned sickness and injury could expose you and your wife to socialized medical care at no cost to you — as well as the awful service because the death panels means there are no Europeans left to work as tour guides, cab drivers, waiters, chefs, concierges and chambermaids doggone it — and also too the availability of high speed intercity rail systems means you would miss out on all the joys of an American-style family car trip, such as the chance to buy tank after tank of unleaded — and don’t forget that everything in Europe is so old anyway and the streets are cramped, so why not just stay home in the good old US of A?

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