Are we just bad hosts?

Both Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mommar Gadhafi are in town this week talking crazy at the U.N.  Each expected a king’s welcome in the United States, booking out some of the most prestigious properties Manhattan has to offer.  Ahmadinejad wanted banquet space at both the Jumeirah Essex House and the New York Helmsley Hotel.  Gadhafi had even grander plans, hoping to pitch his Bedouin tent in Central Park, (he eventally settling on a piece of land leased to him by none other than hotelier/tycoon Donald Trump).  Both leaders have gotten the cold shoulder during their visit.  Turns out there are groups in New York exerting some serious pull who have convinced the hotels to disassociate from these unsavory characters.  Impressive to be sure, but at the same time doesn’t it just make us look inhospitable?  I thought that we were supposed to be all about, ‘creating a dialogue’ with these leaders.  That’s never going to happen if we treat people this way.  I mean, you still invite your crazy uncle to Thanksgiving dinner right?  Should we or shouldn’t we make an exception for rogue leaders?  What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Are we just bad hosts?”

  1. Should we or shouldn’t we make an exception for rogue leaders? What do you think?

    In this economy?! We shouldn’t be turning down any kind of economic stimulus. Beggars can’t be choosers, after all.

  2. It’s almost makes a mockery of the term “Axis of Evil” we have all these guys visiting us like tourists, doing TV interviews, OK being cold-shouldered by the State Department, but they are here, and they are not being attacked by teabaggers, or loonies, demanding to see their passports or birth certificates. Americans are meaner to their own president. Axis of Evil guys, sure come on in, Mr. Trump can you help poor old Gaddafi with a spot of land, he likes to camp. The only person missing is Kim Jong Il, I bet he’s feeling a bit left out.

  3. David G. – It has occurred to me that maybe the government of the United States, and its people, are at the center of a lot of things. Not all of them good, not all of them bad. Governments, corporations, and some loonies, give the American people a bad name around the world.

  4. Kvatch – You’re probably right. We’ve already got our eyes on their oil, why not take their money as well?

    LewScannon – We’re invading Libya?! ;-)

    Holte Ender – I think Trump as usual was just going for the publicity. My point is when someone is in your “home” you have to be gracious and show good manners.

    David G. – I think we should rebrand ourselves the ‘Allies of Evil’

    Randal Graves – If not your crazy uncle, who do you invite? Now you’ve peaked my curiosity.

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