We Get Mail

Though we a lot of strange mail here at Casa de las Ranas, this one is stranger than most. Nonetheless, our new pen pal seems so earnest that we’ve included our reply at the end.

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is our utmost delight to approach you with this composition. We are a local Gold Mining based in Burkina-Faso Northern part and we are interested in contacting you for been our Business-Partner. Our organization started its operation for the past seven years and had been doing very well without any debt, which we hope of making more steps ahead for future reasons.

We have 18 and 22 and 24plus carats Dust Gold, powder and Rock Gold also white Gold, we will be very glad if you are to be our representative in your Continent where by any amount of our goods you want will be shipped to you main while you will have your percentage in any transaction inspire by you.

Our present rate is 75-100 kilos per month we believe this is good for a starting between us, We can also give you the better offer of selling our prices are negotiable, its depend on how you want it to be done, since both of us are in search of profits and life term relationship.

We are ready to ship to you any quantity of our goods you demanded for, kindly alert us when your mind is made up concern our proposal to you also when the shipment will be take place as soon as possible. If possible you can come for a visit to our mining gold site, write back soon so that we can execute this transaction with sincerity.

Looking forward to hear from you and contact me on this e-mail address:

Managing Director,

Mr. Modimesi,

I be amphibian have fewerest brain cell than most human, suckers of finger, and slime. Bad partners we could make, and so I must rejecting you most general proposal.

Kindly Regardingness,