Would you spend $24.95 on this book?

It was announced today that Sarah Palin, ex-Alaskan governor and would be Vice President has finished her memoirs and they will hit bookstores in November.  Just in time for the holiday rush folks.  You could get everyone on your list a copy of “Going Rogue:  An American Life” (personally I would have called it “Patriot Dames”).  A few questions though.  First, she can write?  Um, and she can read?  I can just imagine what this thing is going to sound like, “So I was lookin’ out my window there and I saw some Russians comin’ across the lawn and I said to Todd, Honey get your gun we’re goin’ huntin'”.  Heaven help us all.  I sure hope this thing winds up in the $5 pile at the local Borders.  I know I’m not paying to hear this woman talk.  If she wants to make money she’s going to have to get a real job, and stick with it this time!

11 thoughts on “Would you spend $24.95 on this book?”

  1. I thought that book name was a joke. “Word Salad Days” would be better.

    And of course she can write, with her Twitter and Facebook offerings as evidence. But, hmm, not sure she actually writes her own Facebook stuff. The Tweets, those were her.

  2. Blueberry – HuffPo did a hilarious except of her book. You have to check it out!

    Kvatch – Let me channel my inner car salesman here…What would it be worth to you?

  3. As a women, I would be interested to read it as she is a strong part of our country and is a strong women with strong morals and integrity and a Christian as I am. She is a mother of many children and has been able to be successful at that and other things…this is commendable, if you ask me…

  4. Abbee Lee… Welcome to Ragebot, but unfortunately I don’t think you’ll find many people who agree with you around here.

    I won’t speak for the Frogette, but I think that Sarah Palin is an embarrassment, a hypocrite, and a perfect example of the anti-intellectualism that has brought our country to its knees.

    Though she may be admirable as a mother, perhaps as a Christian (I certainly can’t speak to that), as a politician she doesn’t even rise to the level of a rank novice.

  5. Cartledge – Tough break man. You should have seen this coming when she resigned as governor of Alaska…we did.

    Randal – Joe the Plumber can write?!

    ERITAS – “Roguin’ out” perhaps? Or “Gettin’ Roguey wid It”?

    Abbee Lee – I too love a strong woman, but I prefer one with views I can actually admire. Sarah Palin isn’t it. She hasn’t accomplished anything yet. I would have been more impressed had she stuck out her term as Governor.

    Holte Ender – So you’re goin’ then? :-)

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