Exit Stage Left

A couple of weeks ago I promised that the ‘other shoe would drop’ sometime before the end of the month. Well…

The California experiment is over. What began with the Frogette saying, “I start a new job in San Francisco in July [1996]. Figure out how to get your little green ass out there,” has ended with the sale of our condo in preparation for the mother of all roadtrips.

Yes, on October 18th, these two frogs will take the mess that has become their lives on the road, around America, overseas…traveling until they decide they want to stop, or until the United States stops f*cking around and fixes the economy and the health-care situation, whichever comes first.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’d like to lift a beer with Kvatch,” or “That Frogette…I want her at my next dinner party.” Well now is your chance! Let us know, and we’ll do our best to get to your neck of the woods for a pow-wow.

Be happy for us (really, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime); Wish us luck; Let us know you’d like to meet; But most of all stay tuned as ‘Casa de las Ranas’ hits the road.