Exit Stage Left

A couple of weeks ago I promised that the ‘other shoe would drop’ sometime before the end of the month. Well…

The California experiment is over. What began with the Frogette saying, “I start a new job in San Francisco in July [1996]. Figure out how to get your little green ass out there,” has ended with the sale of our condo in preparation for the mother of all roadtrips.

Yes, on October 18th, these two frogs will take the mess that has become their lives on the road, around America, overseas…traveling until they decide they want to stop, or until the United States stops f*cking around and fixes the economy and the health-care situation, whichever comes first.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’d like to lift a beer with Kvatch,” or “That Frogette…I want her at my next dinner party.” Well now is your chance! Let us know, and we’ll do our best to get to your neck of the woods for a pow-wow.

Be happy for us (really, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime); Wish us luck; Let us know you’d like to meet; But most of all stay tuned as ‘Casa de las Ranas’ hits the road.

19 thoughts on “Exit Stage Left”

  1. Good luck, and enjoy. I got the F$%# out of California five years ago and never looked back. (OK, I’ve been back for a couple of brief visits.)

    I’m sure you’ll find a place you’ll want to stop and stay in. But travel is great, so enjoy it all. You might end up in Canada. Southwestern British Columbia isn’t much colder than what you’re used to in the Bay Area.

  2. Randal… OK, you got us. We’re really just planning to hit all of the ‘Red States’ and desecrate their state capitols. ;-)

    Tom… Canada is not currently on the plan as wintertime approach’eth, but perhaps next summer… Anyway thanks for the well-wishes.

  3. Congratulations on your decision to go adventuring, I’m jealous of course, having done a wee bit in my youth, I miss traveling and not knowing where I will end up. I left England in 1973 and arrived in the States in 1985, and I am still here. It’s a funny old world and there is nothing like seeing it first hand. The very best of luck to you.

  4. I’m jealous. I assume you will be carrying a laptop or two with an internet connection so as to keep going here.

    You know where Atlanta is, when you’re on your way, let me know.

  5. Holte… Thanks. We’re looking forward to it. Much better than hunkering down and trying to ride out this mess we’ve gotten our country into.

    Dave… Atlanta! We do indeed know where it is…one of our favorite cities as a matter of fact. We’ll have our laptops with us and will keep everyone up to date.

  6. Thanks everyone! The first thing we did was make sure we’re wired even on the road. We’re pretty excited to be joining the ranks of the digital nomads. :-)

  7. Lew… We’d love to. The U.P. .. definitely! Though I suspect we’re talking next spring at the earliest. We’ll keep you posted.

    Mr_Blog… Many good friends in Seattle and we’ve already informed them that now it’s “payback time”. There’s almost no chance we won’t be in Seattle in the next 6 months.

  8. Kvatch… I’ve done this, twice before in my life. It’s a great feeling and will have lasting impact. But like other experiments, it might come to an end. I am now a home owner again and taking care of Grand kids day after day and I love it, (but I still travel).
    Just e-mail me and feel free to stop by. Plug in the camper, take a spare bedroom, whatever. Of course River Falls, Wisconsin isn’t Winter destination material, but we have a great Spring and Fall and we do have a heating system built right in to our home that keeps it a toasty 72 degrees wall-to-wall.
    New Triumph T-Bird? How cool is that!? I ordered one, then the car blew a motor, (230,000 miles), so I had to buy a new car instead.


  9. Mauigirl… Will do. We’re probably going to be chronicaling our trip on our own photo-blog…and maybe elsewhere. Either way, we’ll keep things updated here.

    Wordsmith… We’ve been planning this for some time. The economy just decided to help us out.

  10. Spadoman… Welcome to Ragebot! Thanks for dropping in.

    Speaking of WI, we were just there to visit my brother in Madison. Lovely state. We expect to return soon and will look you up.

    About the T-Bird… Yes, a Hinckley bike that I bought in 1997 (sold it in 2006). BRG&C, it was outstanding. Here’s a picture.

  11. Blueberry… Once were back in the US, we’ll almost certainly be traveling through the South, and no trip like that would be complete without a visit to Austin!

    Agi… Damn man! We just bought our new wheels in Orange County. I didn’t even think to look you up. Sorry. Next time?

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