Below the belt above the 49th

When Canada spends less on renewable energy than the State of Alaska, it means Stephen Harper isn’t just behind Barack Obama on clean energy – he’s behind Sarah Palin.

Ouch! That comment comes from a dinky die Russian count with an unpronounceable name and an eye on Canada’s Prime Ministership. Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals are lagging in the polls and desperate make up ground. Not so much about latitude as attitude.

PM Harper, like all good conservatives, has a genetically programmed blindness to the evidence of global climate change; can he help what he is? Still, suggesting he is behind Palin might be construed as a compliment; by Harper and many Canadians.

Iggy has been a far easier target for Harper, having to defend spending most of his adult, academic life in the USA and Britain; and horror of horrors, speaks French with a Parisian accent rather than good old back street Montreal patois.

Frustration is the lot of opposition parties and leaders mid-cycle, and Canada is mid-cycle, even if out of step. While other countries are moving to progressive Canada and my Aussie neighbour New Zealand are firmly conservative. I wonder if there is a lesson to be drawn from that dynamic?

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