Limbaugh calls for public option

Rush Limbaugh called for a public option today, stunning supporters of the talk radio firebrand.

“There I was, ready for some football, only to have this all-American game, the most popular sport in the world, slam the door in my face,” Limbaugh told Sean Hannity, during an appearance on the Fox News program Hannity.

“NFL ownership is a right, not a privilege. When an Everyman like me cannot buy my way into ownership of a football team, the system needs to be reformed. The time has come for a public option — a publicly owned, federally managed NFL franchise that any multi-bajillionaire can buy a piece of, and would provide some nonprofit competition for Big Football,” he said.

Pressed by Hannity on whether a public franchise amounts to the same kind of socialism as President Obama’s health care reform initiative, Limbaugh responded angrily.

“Of course it’s fucking socialist — what do you think the NFL is? I was trying to get me some of that sweet, sweet, owner profit sharing,” Limbaugh said.

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