Rules Car

You can’t have a road trip without a car. So some weeks before we took off, the Frogette and I acquired a new set of wheels.

We figured that, with Saab still not sure that it’ll be a company in a year, we could get a sweet deal. And so we picked up a used 9-3 Sportcombi—Swedish for “wagon” I suppose—at a rock-bottom price. Now I’ve never owned a “luxury” car, and though this thing probably doesn’t compare to your average BMW, it really does have all the bells and whistles. It also has more indicators than a Space Shuttle, more beeps than R2D2, and one additional thing: RULES!

No starting the car when it’s not in park…and your foot’s on the brake. No fog lights (front or rear) unless your headlights are on. (Daytime running-lights are not good enough.) Want more AC…or heat? No problem, but every chance it gets the Saab gets it puts the system back into “auto” mode. No shutting off the headlights period. This car will warn you when you’re going too fast, get too close to a pedestrian (…or a car, or a post, or your garage door…even when it’s open), get too close to empty, unlatch your seat belt, leave a light on, window open, or parking brake un-engaged.

Definitely the Swedes think they’ve got a better way: Socialistic paternalism embodied in a car.

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  1. Mr_Blog… I *so* didn’t get that.

    Lew… Actually it did warn us when Rush came on. I mean…I think it did, but the warning was in Swedish unfortunately.

  2. @2: In addition it would only have FM, and only receive the Pacifica network.

    @3a: Feel the 80s Song References Force within you.

    @3b: “Varning: Rush Limbaugh är på väg att börja. Sväng vänster, nu. Sväng vänster, nu. Tyvärr, du missade det.” *

  3. Off topic, I know, but Apple just announced a whole new line of i-stuff, featuring a new multi-touch ‘magic mouse.’ It all looks pretty slick. In the meantime, Microsoft releases Windows Seven, whose selling points seem to be:
    1) It’s only 5 years behind Apple technologically, instead of the usual 10.
    2) It’s not Vista. Repeat, it’s NOT Vista.

    How long before the folks in Redmond WA are pointing to their “Too Big To Fail” status and asking for a government handout?

  4. @7:

    The opening of the first MS retail store follows the pattern you’ve observed.

    1) it’s years behind the Apple Store
    2) the contents are not as attractive and stylish.

    I love how one commenter on this video (may have been removed by now) claimed it’s a fake. Except “Microsoft” is on the back wall!

    Disclosure: I use a Mac Book Pro (OSX 10.5) and a Dell Inspiron (Vista). Vista is OK, the only things that really bug me are a) the lengthy start up time, and b) how for the first minute it thinks I’m pressing left-click; moving the cursor highlights whatever’s on the desktop, and can cause taskbars to relocate/resize. FAIL. So when I boot it up, I always go off and do something else for a few minutes. See? Microsoft is helping me take time away from the internet and experience the real world.

  5. I barely purchased this 1 month past, and there are distinctly more perks than I am presently taking advantage of. Here are the ones I’m already loving. It’s a color printer that allows plain black and white printing. (My last ones entirely executed grayscale blowing a great deal of colored ink. I can print 6 slides per page, and all printing can be double sided, even multiple pages per side! Awesome paper saving choices. Likewise, a very helpful smart on-screen computer error guide. This is barely the start of what this printer has to tender. To me, it is worth a lot more than its cost!

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