5 thoughts on “Anyone But Harry Reid”

  1. I’m no fan of the Libertarian party but I’ve always thought that the “none of the above option” was a really good idea.

    Then again, perhaps I just read Brewster’s Millions too many times.

  2. Thomas, Robert… We just need to get rid of Reid as Senate Majority Leader, I think. At least then the damage he could do would be limited.

  3. Reid’s vote of confidence in Joe Lieberman today, with the latter threatening to join a GOP fillibuster on health care, doesn’t exactly burnish his image.

  4. You must be traveling along Rt. 50, the “loneliest highway in America.” We went that way a long time ago, ’86 I think. Went through Austin and Eureka (Nevada, not Calif.) and Ely and then into southern Utah. It was summer and Ely was surrounded by snow-covered mountains.

    I can’t tell what to think of Reid. He and Pelosi do so much bobbing and weaving and dodging and compromising, I can’t tell whether they’re just phonies or whether they really know what they’re doing and they have a secret strategy for getting Obama’s bills passed.

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