América el Hermoso

There was a time, when I was a wee tadpole, when a drive across West Texas or New Mexico meant some talk radio, some fire and brimstone preaching, some country music, and some mariachi.  In fact, on the long drive between my parents home and UT Austin (where I did my undergraduate), I learned to love mariachi because, of those crummy choices on the AM dial, mariachi was the least objectionable

Now…a drive across northern New Mexico while listening to the FM dial has a totally different feel.  One in five stations is evangelical Christian radio, and the other 4?  A mixture of traditional mariachi, Tejana, and talk radio…IN SPANISH!

The southern border of the United States is no longer the Rio Grand, south of Tuscon, or any such thing.  It’s a whole hell of a lot further north, and all those arrogant ‘English First’ nuts better start learning Spanish, because bilingualism is coming for us all…whether we like it or not.

7 thoughts on “América el Hermoso”

  1. An alternate title for this post could have been, “Trick or Treat on Lou Dobbs — BOO!!”

    This scares the cojones off Dobbs and his ilk.

  2. It sounds similar to spending a 12 hour train journey with Mandarin speakers, here downunder. Mind you, the mother was fluent in English and the 16 yo fluent in western teen. But it was a reminder that Australia is very much a part of Asia.

  3. Holte… No se preocupe. No es una problema.

    SBT… Yeah I know. I deal with that a lot here in West Texas, but the plain fact is that many people are simply not learning English, and governments are accommodating.

  4. Randal… Maybe if we just made English the second language?

    Cartledge… Many Americans are proud of there mono-lingualism. Do you find the same down under?

  5. Kvatch the ‘pride’ probably died out with my father’s generation. Comfortable would probably be more correct now, though by virtue of immigration a majority are probably multi lingual.
    Canada has French as an official second language. There is something bordering pride in the western provinces at bucking the mandate.

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