Hey buddy, can you spare a dime?

The State of California this week began hitting up it’s tax base for Payday loans.  A little discussed change embedded in the crisis budget the State passed allows California to raise state withholding to 10%.  This isn’t a tax increase though.  Oh no, it’s a short term loan.  California will refund your money in your tax return.  Sure they will.  They expect to pull $1.7 billion into the State Treasury thereby making California appear solvent (as if), and giving the state “wiggle room” during their current financial meltdown.  All I can say is Kvatch and I got out in the nick of time.  So long suckahs!

7 thoughts on “Hey buddy, can you spare a dime?”

  1. LewScannon – Schwarzenegger doesn’t want his prints on this one. He twitters whenever he wants credit for something.

    Randal – I think they used it to pay the outstanding I.O.U.’s. At least I hope they did. Not my state now, not my problem. A very American attitude, don’t you think?

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