Palin book goes to #1 – “Remainders bin never this full, this fast”

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a #1 author today, thanks to her memoir Going Rogue debuting today at the top of the remainders bin of the national retail bookstore chain Borders.

“The remainders bin has never been filled up this full, this fast before,” said  Marcia “Marci” Frandle,  assistant manager of the Borders in Montpelier, Vermont.

Frandle said customers who lined up to be first to buy Palin’s book from the remainders bin have been patient and orderly. “We’ve sold three copies today, give or take,” she said.

The impressive debut of Going Rogue presages robust retail sales this holiday season. “This could be the boost the White Elephant Party sector has been waiting for,” commented Jane C. Penney of the Spiegel Catalog, Chicago, Illinois 60609.

In a related story, Palin has had no official response so far to charges that Going Rogue contains numerous factual errors.

Palin critics including liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America cite among the growing list of inaccuracies:

• On p. 42, Palin writes that she and her blind sister Mary were raised by parents Charles and Caroline in a little Minnesota farmhouse;
• On p. 216, she denies she once shot a wolf from a helicopter in Reno just to watch him die;
• On pp. 293-5, she describes her more than 45 years of work in Calcutta ministering to the poor, orphans and lepers.
• Devotes all of chapter 11 to “the most formative period of my life,” relating how she was sent to prison by a military court for a crime she didn’t commit. Escaping from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground and wanted by the government, she survived for a time as a soldier of fortune.

However, Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck rose to Palin’s defense. On his Glenn Beck Program, the conservative pundit praised Palin “for the bravery she showed after a tragic skydiving accident ended her professional tennis career.”

“She could have given up, but instead she overcame her injuries to become the first bionic woman politician,” Beck said.

In a further related story, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) denied rumors she has been offered the leadership of a new conservative party with members drawn from the ranks of disaffected ultra-conservative Republicans.

“I would never support such a move, and it’s not going to be called the White Elephant Party,” Bachmann said.

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  1. Mr_Blog… Interestingly, I haven’t seen a single Newsmax ad since your post went up, and I was seeing a bunch before. Let me check the article itself.

    (Though, isn’t there a delicious irony in getting paid for a parody about her book? Not that I would ever-EVER encourage anyone to click Ragebot’s banner ads, since that is forbidden by my contract with Google AdSense.)

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