Tax Rates for Parasites – The Problem

This country is afflicted by parasites.  From the kleptocrats who throw millions in donations to our elected officials, to the officials themselves who indemnify incompetently run corporations, and in doing so destroy, through the creation of unassailable deficits, what little prosperity is left to most citizens.

The corporate CEO, bailed out with billions in tax-payer funded giveaways, bleating pathetically about how he’ll quit if he doesn’t get more money, is a parasite.  The hedge-fund manager stripping hundreds of millions from his clients, and then paying himself in capital gains to avoid taxes…is a parasite.  The pampered teenager who gets a multi-million dollar trust from mommy and daddy, ensuring that she’ll never have to work or contribute in any way to society…is a parasite.  The corporation that moves jobs, facilities, and business offshore, then fraudulently books its transactions as nontaxable foreign receipts…is a parasite.

Unfortunately there’s only one way to fix this nation. We need to act like adults and not greedy children; need to pay for the programs that provide a social safety net and not balance the cost on the backs of our children; need to act like every other westernized democracy, generating the greatest good for the greatest number, not howl about the evils of socialism while our parents suck at the biggest social teat this nation has ever created.   In short, we need to f*cking grow up!   Here’s the solution

3 thoughts on “Tax Rates for Parasites – The Problem”

  1. Don’t forget about the defense contractors, who buy politicians to vote for their astronomically expensive weapons. And, coincidentally, own major news outlets that run stories about terrorists everywhere…

  2. Lew… I think that is the very definition of ‘vertical integration’.

    Randal… You know I did that, but the Great Pumpkin didn’t show up. Suppose my little proposal (next post) has about as much chance.

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