Dear Senator

You are receiving this letter at the request of the American people.  I have been asked to inform you that effective immediately we will no longer be paying for your health care or that of your staff and dependents.  As your employer we have decided that we can no longer afford the cost of your care.  Since there is no “single payer” option available to us, there will be no single payer option for you either.  I suggest that you get back to your office and start making phone calls.  For if you don’t pass a health care bill soon you will be forced to face firsthand the terror of living uncovered and financially exposed.


The Frogette (American taxpayer and one pissed off constituent)

8 thoughts on “Dear Senator”

  1. Ever notice that when Congress starts talking about budget cuts, their own perks are off the table? Those who would deny millions of Americans what they deign for themselves, that is, government sponsored health care, should be targeted and removed from office.

  2. When a bill promises to do some good for most all Americans, these few hundred politicians in D.C. call it bad for the country, as if they are great men of wisdom and they know best. We are being held hostage by these hypocrites who willingly spend 10s of billions on things that are genuinely bad for the country. They have no concept of living without health coverage, they cannot imagine such a thing ever happening to them.

  3. Guys – I think we should take away their gov’t sponsored insurance and their retirement. Then they’d be uniquely incentivized to deal with health care and the fall of Wall Street.

  4. Though most members of congress are already wealthy before becoming legislators, so I’m not sure how effective this would be.

    It is a good idea, though.

  5. Thomas you’re right, but if they stood to lose those fortunes in the search for a cure to a life threatening disease they’d act. They’re too insulated right now to give the health care question anything more than academic consideration.

  6. I love the ad for “Sarah’s Free Book Offer.”

    I guess her publisher printed too many copies, and they are dumping them every place they can.

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