Mitt Romney – Biggest Asshole of the Week

Provo UT (f-A-ke. P.)Mitt Romney

If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.

— Mitt Romney in a speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference

Well Kvatch… I didn’t really mean to imply that 52% of the electorate are un-American ‘surrender monkeys’. I just wanted to make it clear that we need a Republican in office to ensure the continuation of our godly mission to bring democracy to the heathen Muslim, wealth to the deserving upper-classes, and perpetual indebtedness to the rest of you (especially you Democrats). That’s all.

— Mitt Romney speaking with Kvatch Kopf from an LDS Celebrity Retreat in Provo, UT

20 thoughts on “Mitt Romney – Biggest Asshole of the Week”

  1. When I finally reached Mitt by phone he assured me he would keep speaking for the righteous neo-cons. “We understand rejection; just as your country rejected that wonderful Mr Howard, but we won’t abandon him either. Opportunity is in our DNA and we won’t be put down by the squawking left wing rabble…” The rest of the conversation was lost in a hiss of static.

  2. Mr_Blog… Yes…what you said…that’s what I meant. :-)

    Frogette… I’m sure that McCain will do just fine on that whole terrorizing us thing.

    SA… Actually I’m thinking McCain/Huckabee! Got to appeal to those southern evangelicals.

  3. Cartledge… Funny, Mitt told me with the recent vacancy at the top of the LDS church, he simply had no choice.

    Randal… It’s a good point, and I doubt we’ll be able to claim ‘we didn’t know what was happening.’

  4. The Republicans will keep on invoking 9/11 as a campaign issue long after it has faded from the memories of most television addled Americans as long as it keeps bringing in votes. Look how well it worked for Rudy Ghouliani.

  5. Later, Romney reversed positions (again) and issued a second statement saying, “I for one welcome our new Terrorist overlords. Now will you vote for me? No? What if I come out in favor of bombing France? Anybody? WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME?!?!?!”

  6. Well I’ve finally got around to your site. The link that you gave me did not work.

    I will put you in my Blog Link, so I can catch your post now!

  7. Lizzy… Just reverting to form, he is.

    Lew… But it’s such a tired argument. Imagine what we could have done security-wise, if we’d spent even a fraction of the $.5T on domestic initiatives. The mind boggles.

    He did say that he loved America!

    Fran… Sort of like a glutton loves his lunch.

  8. LC… I think that Mitt is betting that 4 years from now we’ll love him. Of course that’s going to take mass amnesia on the part of evangelicals.

    Let’s Talk… Hey! Welcome to Ragebot.

    So what really made him drop out…?

    E4E… Oh! Have I got a post for you. Check back later today.

  9. Hey, Kvatch, you devil frog you, reincarnated and all, Praise the Lord and keep your powder dry!

    I think a Huckerbee/Romney duo would be great for America, bring God back into the equation, Hallelujah pass the bacon! Of course if Lieberman could be involved as well, that would be the trifecta, the Holy Trinity.


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