Obama’s Christmas Present: More War

I have to admit something:  Though I was very skeptical that then President-elect Obama would be able to do much to change the kleptocracy that our government has become, his election still filled me with hope. I thought that, at the very least, Obama might return some accountability, some morality, and some sanity to the Executive. Well we’re almost a year in, and it’s apparent that ‘Bush the Sequel’—I can’t even really call him ‘Bush Lite’ because he’s hardly backed off a single Bu$hCo policy—will do nothing of the sort.

Quite the contrary, on each of these three axes—morality, accountability, sanity—we have profound failures just in the last week!  For example, the Obama administration will not roll back 3 egregious parts of the Patriot Act set to expire and the end of the year. In fact, this new ‘Liar in Chief’, who once promised to filibuster these very provisions in a Bu$hCo sponsored bill, has signaled his support for continuing these provisions until 2013.

The Obama administration will not make the US a signatory to the international treaty banning the use of land mines, continuing Bu$hCo policy on the matter and keeping us in the fine company of Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and Myanmar.

And finally, President Spineless’ administration will give you an additional two years of war in Afghanistan as a Christmas present; 2 more years of Defense industry welfare; another $200M dollars down the tube, and the guaranteed certainty that our country’s international reputation will not be any better at the end of his administration than it was when Chimpy retired to Dallas.

No…President Obama is proving that, rather than being a ‘change agent’, he is likely to be a one-term footnote at the end of the Bu$hCo debacle.  Because, unlike the ‘Thuglicans, we Democrats tend to vote charlatans like Obama out of office.

7 thoughts on “Obama’s Christmas Present: More War”

  1. This Christmas, the war machine is powered by coal.

    Mr_Blog… Not if Obama enforces our climate-change promises. Oh wait…forgot…that’s just rhetoric.

    Randal… ??? Are you making an obscure Star Trek reference? Or perhaps some band from WI that I found by Googling?

    Frogette… AUGGGHHH!!! Not the ‘Clean Coal Singers’! ;-)

  2. Like the saying goes, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

    Or “plus ca change…(I can’t remember the rest of it — help me out Randal)”

  3. The real Xmas present could be the nuking of Iran! Don’t underestimate Obama’s generosity, Kvatch. Give the man his full due.

  4. Tom… It would be interesting to see if all the ‘Obamaniacs’ from before the election are now transitioning into being Obama apologists.

    DavidG… Though Obama’s proving to be just more of the same, I doubt we’re going to see any nuke’s dropped by this country. Why bother when your proxy will do it for you?

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