Mayor Pretty Boy weds again

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom snuck off to Montana this weekend to tie the knot with his 34 year old actress fiance Jennifer Siebel.   Methinks I smell a political agenda here.  The last time he married was just before he became mayor.  Does he have gubernatorial aspirations?  Then a trophy wife would be key, I mean look at our current first lady.  She’s a Kennedy, a reporter and has the looks of a beauty queen.  I’m just wondering, since Mayor Newsom and his first wife were billed as, “The New Kennedy’s” how will the media characterize this match?  “The new Clintons” perhaps?

3 thoughts on “Mayor Pretty Boy weds again”

  1. Cartledge – You have no idea. Still I do like that our local politicians make good eye candy. Who wants crusty old white guys?

  2. Yeah, I think he’s eyeing the governor’s mansion, so the marriage is an integral step towards getting there. Villaraigosa’s chances – if he were to run – have been diminished a little by his relationship issues. Oh well, either of those two are way more interesting than the last Democrat who ran. What was his name again?

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