iNews Friday – Headlines From History, 8/8/2008

You get to drive the iNews 9000 Turbo wi-fi headline translator again this week, pick any or all from the list below.  This time your source material is drawn more or less randomly from the archives of a little community paper called the New York Times.

The Headlines:

1. Denies Hoover held any oil ‘concession’ (Oct. 11, 1928)

2. Tokyo ruler ousts military advisers; Cabinet is blocked (Mar. 7, 1936)

3. Chamberlain sends note to Mussolini as peace gesture (Aug. 1, 1937)

4. Excerpts of conversations between Apollo 11 and Houston ground control (Jul. 17, 1969)

5. Army overrules pollution curbs (May 3, 1970)

6. New Edsel lures crowds on road (Sept. 3, 1957)

7. The dentist McCarthy saw as a threat to security (Apr. 4, 2005)

8. Japan opened – Satisfactory result of Commodore Perry’s visit (June 13, 1854)

9. Exxon concedes it can’t contain most of oil spill (Mar. 30, 1989)

10. Bush and Rice say CIA approved uranium comment (July 11, 2003)

3 thoughts on “iNews Friday – Headlines From History, 8/8/2008”

  1. Just think, someday they’ll talk about 08-08-08 as the critical starting point of another Western Backed War. Not to mention the jerks did the opening day of the Olympics

  2. Tokyo ruler ousts military advisers; Cabinet is blocked

    Key will be kept by new prime minister. Government tired of those unsanctioned house parties while they are out of town.

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