8 thoughts on “Bienvenido a Ecuador”

  1. I love it! Why did North America (not you, Montreal) have to be built on a grid? New Urbanism and Smart Growth wouldn’t be needed if our cities were built on the lines of old European cities. But no. We had to be different.

  2. Randal… Damn man! You anticipated tomorrows post. They don’t call this place “San Francisco de Quito” for nothing. :-)

    Mr_Blog… Yup, everything is very concentrated. The only problem here seems to be that, being in a narrow valley, Quito has only north/south public transit. East/West seems to be a bit of a problem. More pictures here

  3. Randal is right. Yer busted!

    That picture in the upper left was taken in Cole Valley. The picture to the right of it is Upper Grant. Ecuador Schmecuador :)

  4. Guys –

    I swear we’re in Quito. You think the hills look intense in the photos, you should try and climb them. Thank heaven I spent 13 years in SF training for this!

    p.s. Tom they love sushi here, how bizarre is that?!

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