Patented Payola

Microsoft has got a whole new spin on pricing models for their software and services. They’re going to charge prices that are inversely related to the perceived influence of the purchaser. So…if you’re Walt Mossberg (personal technology reviewer for the Wall Street Journal) you’re gonna get your personal copies of Office and Windoze 7 for…well…free. The rest of us schmucks? Well let’s just say that, wielding zero influence, we can expect to have to pay through the nose for Microsoft’s crappy products.

Payola isn’t dead. It’s alive, well, and patented in the 21st century.

10 thoughts on “Patented Payola”

  1. I pay for my copies of Office, Windows 7, Snow Leopard, etc. I get free copies to review, but then I buy them at full retail prices. It would be unethical to take free software from Microsoft or Apple.

  2. Great point here, but it’s nothing new. All you need to do is read PC Magazine MAC Magazine or or any other industry schill rag that fronts as a technology journalism. Free copies of new products and loads of other complimentary perks (e.g., all expense paid trips to a Las Vegas “trade” show) are the norm and will always garner favorable reviews. Let’s face it, the line between marketing and journalism has long been rubbed out of existence.

  3. Holte… Me too, though I doubt that Microsoft would ask me.

    It would be unethical to take free software from Microsoft or Apple.

    Mr. Mossberg… Though I agree that, under current circumstances, getting free copies would be unethical, it is Microsoft’s own patent that states that the price might be $0.00 for somebody having significant influence, and you *are* such a somebody.

  4. Spartacus… “Payola’s still payola,” no matter how it comes, eh?

    Randal… And if you play a Windoze 7 DVD backwards it says: “Steve is Satan, Steve is Satan.”

    Microsoft can blow me.

    Thomas… Indeed!

    (ThinkPad T60: Ubuntu “Jaunty”, MacBook Pro: OSX 10.5.8)

  5. So basically Microsoft is using the Hollywood model, give free shit to people who can afford to buy it and charge the rest of us for their stuff. And they patented it, of course they did…

  6. …give free shit to people who can afford to buy it…

    Frogette… Just like at The Oscar’s!

    …if someone were to offer you a free Zune…

    SBT… Uh… Is this a trick question?

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