Dispatches from South America – How to drink a $6 Chilean wine

So the Frog and I thought with our current proximity to Chile we’d be able to get our suckers on some great wines…cheap!  We stopped into our local Super Mercado and purchased a $6 bottle of Villa Porta Estate Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.  Having recently ex-patrioted ourselves from San Francisco we have fairly developed wine palates.  The $6 wine?  Swill.  Seriously, it tasted like vinegar the night we uncorked it, and we’d let it breathe, and breathe and breathe.  I’ve since discovered how you drink a $6 wine.  Purchase your bottle.  Take it home and uncork it, pour 1/4 of the bottle down the drain and recork (don’t evacuate the wine, trust me oxidation is key).  The next day pull out the cork for 30 minutes to let wine breathe.  The day after that wait 7 hours then uncork and pour into glasses.  By this time your wine will be drinkable.  If you’re lucky.  What I can’t get over is $6 for a Chilean wine isn’t that great of a deal.  I can pick them up at home for around $10.  So I’m wondering, what are we doing wrong?  Maybe amphibeans just shouldn’t drink…wine that is.  All else is fair game at Casa de las Ranas!

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14 thoughts on “Dispatches from South America – How to drink a $6 Chilean wine”

  1. My exile to rural Victoria (Aust) landed me in wine heaven. Mind you, with these small vinters $6 a bottle isn’t on, but we have our ways of accessing ‘to die for’ shiraz and merlot. Never did find SA wines especially drinkable.

  2. Thomas – I wish! Our kitchen here is just too small. Perhaps we could set up a still on the patio though…

    Cartledge – Definitely going to take you up on that offer!

  3. I recently found a design for a very simple still design, one guaranteed to confound the excise man. It is simply three metal bowls, one to evaporate the alcohol medium, the second a floating collector and the third sits on top as an evaporator dripping back into the collector. I’ll let you know how it works :)
    Such is life when you are isolated in rural parts…

  4. No Blood for Hubris – You’re so right, the pisco sours are out of this world!

    Cartledge – You are a clever, clever man. Can’t wait to sample your moonshine. :-)

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