Will The Real Bombers Please Step Forward

Washington (f-A-ke. P.) —

This morning at Department of Homeland Security headquarters, senior administration officials gathered representatives of all the major branches of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network. Michael Dubrovsky, DHS Undersecretary for Bungled Operations, then posed the question: “OK, which of you was responsible for the ‘underpants bomber’?” In response, 15 Al-Qaeda representatives were reported to have taken a giant step backwards, leaving only the representative of ‘Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’.

Rumors that the Al-Qaeda representatives also made a “…he did it” gesture, could not be verified.

5 thoughts on “Will The Real Bombers Please Step Forward”

  1. Al-Qaeda also announced that future terror plots would use holiday-appropriate undergarments. Por ejemplo, on Valentine’s Day terrorists will wear explosive lingerie — teddies, garters, bustiers and the like. With Islamic headscarves, naturally.

  2. Wonder what sort of underpants he was wearing? Y-Fronts, Boxers, Briefs, I have all sorts of problems with underwear after sitting for hours, can’t imagine how he coped with all that “extra” explosive material tucked in there.

  3. Mr_Blog… Imagine, Victoria’s Secret will be able to open up a whole new line of fashionable underthings for the discerning terrorist.

    Holte… I don’t even like to think about it: “You want me to put the explosive where?!”

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