OMG it’s America’s worst nightmare!

A formerly committed lesbian with a new girlfriend.  Yes folks, Rosie O’Donnell that doyenne of crazy, that queen of uncensored thought has ditched her spouse and emerged with a new girlfriend.  Frightened?  You should be.  The conservatives warned you things like this would happen.  Just think of the consequences.  Who will collect the child support?  Who will raise the children?   And for crying out loud who wears the pants in these types of relationships?  When committed lesbians (once described as bringing a moving van on their first date) start to break up their non-nuclear families can the apocalypse be far behind?

13 thoughts on “OMG it’s America’s worst nightmare!”

  1. I find it hard to conceive of anyone, of any sexual orientation, not being seriously turned off by Rosie O’Donnell. I’m pretty sure if Tiger Woods could hire O’Donnell to do his morning wakeups, he’d have no trouble remaining abstinent right through to the following morning.

  2. NCL, O’Donnell is free to pursue her relationships with no input or approval from pathetic ol’ me. I just don’t want to know anything about her or them. I suggest if you judge others by their opinion of Rosie O’Donnell, you’ll find yourself surrounded by assholes wherever you go.

  3. I’m just saying, SW, Your vitriol for Rosie is extreme and maybe pathological. If she had stolen your wife, seduced your daughters, kicked you in the balls, maybe I could understand your attack on her, but………….Hey, she didn’t did she?

  4. I’m with SW, disliking Rosie has less to do with her orientation than her obvious lack of discernible talent and her entirely grating personality.

  5. Wow everyone – I had no idea Rosie was such lightening rod of controversy or I would have posted about here earlier. Yup comment whore that’s me.

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