The headline I was really hoping not to see

Elizabeth Edwards Stands by Her Man reported today that John Edwards wife has come out in support of her man. That’s right, she’s standing by the man who cheated on her while she was being treated for terminal cancer. I am so sick of this Tammy Wynette bullshit of supporting a man who publicly cheated on your ass and humiliates you, your children, family and friends. Elizabeth Edwards should cut him loose and concentrate on herself. Her health, and her happiness for whatever time she has left. I can’t believe that the final act in a marriage predicated on her constant support of his goals ends in such a blatant betrayal. She must be absolutely devastated. My wish was that she would refrain from making a public comment of any kind. Keeping her own counsel and not exposing herself and her family to more scrutiny. She deserves her privacy. She never asked for this. I just can’t imagine what caused her husband to do something so craven and low.

7 thoughts on “The headline I was really hoping not to see”

  1. the problem is- they already worked through this crap in private 2 years ago- so why would she leave him now? someone didn’t want him on obama’s shortlist of vps- and so the press ran with it. she is sick and probably dying and has 2 small children. and she has been working through her trust issues in private for months. i probably wouldn’t leave either. i don’t condone affairs- and he wasn’t looking for forgiveness necessarily from anyone other than his wife, but he did what he did- and i think it’s patently unfair to blame only him. the woman who he had the affair with- knew he was married with a sick wife. if she hadn’t been there, it would have been masturbation. she is not a victim as the media are trying to portray her.

  2. Beltway Bastard – I know if it were me I wouldn’t be any where near so forgiving as she’s been. I would have kicked him to the curb. Still, I’m not in her position, so I shouldn’t second guess.

    betmo – Oh I have plenty of blame for the woman he had the affair with. What type of woman goes after a dying woman’s husband? I hope Edwards is working 24/7 to make it up to his wife.

  3. Hey I’m updating my links and I feel so bad I haven’t been by! I like your new digs!! Can you blogroll me? I’ll also change Blognonymous to this one if that’s OK.

    Does anyone know what happened to Blanton’s & Ashton’s?? It’s set to invite only now… I’ve had a lot of stalker/troll trouble lately myself and am thinking of switching to WordPress…. actually designing it now.

    Good to see you. AND YES: Elizabeth Edwards is way too much of a class act for that asshole hubby of hers.

    Of course, I don’t care who diddles who, all men in power do it. It’s not cool, but it’s how it is. What isn’t fair is how much press this got in comparison to the horrific way McLame treats his current wife, his ex-wife, women in general (with the way he votes on womens’ reproductive rights – WRONG) and his untouched-by-the-media affair with an aide. Unbelievable.

  4. I would have thought his supporters would be a bit shaken at the thought they might have boosted him into contention without realizing the trap.

  5. Helen… Thanks for stopping by. Long time no see, and I’ve added you to the blogroll. Not sure what happened to B&A, just noticed myself that it had gone invitation only.

    Cartledge… Sorry to say, but I was one of those supporters.

  6. HelenWheels – I’ll give the frog your info and request for a link. Welcome to Ragebot! We both switched to WordPress recently and we really like it. I have to say the thing about the Edwards affair that shocked me is the JFK treatment it got from the media. Not that I *want* to know, but why were they covering for him?

    Cartledge – I wish I could say we were surprised, sadly we weren’t. Democrats just can’t keep it in their pants.

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