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Starting with Bush v. Gore, the Supreme Court signaled that, not only was it willing to issue decisions that were undemocratic and intellectually dishonest, but that the constitutionality of their decisions was no longer a constraining factor.  Now, with a little known case that may get decided in the spring—after two rounds of arguments which is unusual for the high court—the SOTUS will have an opportunity to do in democracy once and for all.

The case is somewhat mundane. A group called Citizens United distributed an attack film on Hillary Clinton during the 2008 election that was quickly slapped down by the Federal Elections Commission as being violation of McCain-Feingold. Citizens United sued and had their case appealed through to a federal court…that sided with the FEC. Now the case is in front of the SOTUS, and if they overturn the appeals court’s decision, McCain-Feingold will be eviscerated, corporations will be elevated to the status of people once and for all and will be able to dump as much money as they want, into any election they want, in support of whomever they want.

Imagine how politics will be conducted after such a decision. Any politician that deviates from the corporate orthodoxy, even a little, will simply be unseated in his/her next election. Corporations will deploy their limitless resources to ensure that no one…EVER…votes in a way that harms their interest.

At that point the United States as a Corporate Kleptocracy will no longer be a de facto standard. It will be enshrined in law.

(Thanks to The Local Crank for turning me on to somethng that, quite frankly, I’d been ignoring.)

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9 thoughts on “Blogs Against Kleptocracy – Game Over”

  1. It’s sure to happen unfortunately. Our country is completely corrupted. I remember growing up feeling LUCKY to live in America. Now I wish I’d been born in Canada or some other civilized European country instead.

  2. We need two things clearly established in law, with a constitutional amendment if that’s what it takes: 1, money is not speech; and 2, a corporation is not a person and not to be afforded the rights, privileges and legal protections of a person.

    On top of those, if we really intend to have a representative democracy worth having, federal elections, at least, must be publicly funded and time-limited.

    Considering how many of our Supremes owe their appointment to Reagan and the Bushes, I hold out little hope the justices will decide the case you cite in democracy’s favor. Which is to say the people’s favor. All the more reason the things I call for are so necessary.

  3. Liberality… I’ve definitely felt recently that the end times are here for the United States. Too bad that we’ll turn out to have no more longevity than many despotic empires of the past.

    S.W… I absolutely agree, and even if the justices were to decide against the people we could still pass the constitutional amendments…except that, once it’s done corporations will deploy everything they’ve got to ensure that no such amendment(s) will even make it out of Congress much less to the state legislatures.

  4. Froggy, I’ve posted a couple articles on this one, but not recently. It’s not like there is anything we can do to influence the SCOTUS decision. SCOTUS was wrong to give corporations the rights of individuals without the responsibilities. Many of the abuses we are now experiencing stem from that error.

  5. What sort of country will we have if SCOTUS deem that that corporations have all the rights because they have all the money, not even Scalia would go that far.

  6. Nailed it in one Kvatch. This decision, if it comes down as expected on the side of the corporations, will be the opening of the seventh seal, the four horsemen of the apocalypse will gallop across the White House lawn and graze in the rose garden. The end times expresses it perfectly.

  7. Local Crank… You’re very welcome. I had heard of this case but hadn’t read up on it till you posted. Thanks.

    TomCat… Agreed, corporations are not people, and unless the Constitution is rewritten to define them as such, they have…essentially…no rights.

  8. Holte… Scalia, as a so-called “strict constructionist” should be at the front of any call to reverse the “corporations as people” precedent. If he votes to overturn Citizens United v. FEC, that just shoes what preening hypocrite he really is.

    SBT… We’ll just have to wait and see, but personally I think the US is finished.

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