Come the revolution

Amigo Kvatch and friends were lamenting during the week (Blogs Against Kleptocracy – Game Over ) another blow to a dubious democracy by the US Supreme Court. At the same time a desperate Aussie farmer was 30 ft up a wind monitoring mast on his property in the high country south of Canberra, on a hunger strike. He is protesting new laws which forbid him to clear native vegetation.

The link with these stories is the assumption that systems of government and law were established with most of us mind. A public protest to Federal Parliament began in Canberra’s “Magna Carta Park” in the firm belief that that historical document enshrined some sort of rights to the people.

When King John conceded rights to the ‘people’ that group consisted of a well defined group of powerful male land owners. The majority in England at that time were merely regarded as a rabble of undeserving serfs. Only a change in language use, a more inclusive approach gave the impression it means us.

Equally the American founding fathers were sparing, even nervous, about giving any real power to the rabble. You still are not trusted to ‘elect’ a president, and historically the entrepreneurial class has, by default if not law, been given precedence over the people. The only real wonder is that the people have, Ragebot aside, willingly accepted this travesty of democracy.

My real fear is that Corporate Kleptocracy; the American model, is a creeping pandemic. I feel a Julius Caesar moment approaching where any semblance of rights we do have will be taken away. All for our own good mind.

Aussies are a feisty lot and will continue to fight it, but with countless competing agendas a cohesive counter attack is highly unlikely. And still I sigh wistfully: Come the revolution…

7 thoughts on “Come the revolution”

  1. This court usually takes a gradualist approach in its attacks on the rule of law. I suspect that something will happen in between what should happen and what corporate America wants.

  2. All the systems in our country are totally corrupt. Government, the Supreme Court, Wall Street, the Pentagon. All of them are corrupt beyond measure. We need to tear this all down and start over again.

  3. I fear that the system of kleptocracy is creeping into Canada a lot faster than you’re experiencing down under Cartledge. Geographical proximity, the odious Stephen Harper, and the world’s longest undefended border are all contributing to that creep. Corruption is definitely the global flavor of the day.

  4. Well first up I need to say the acceptance of ‘noble documents’ and the rhetoric of freedom, devices designed to defraud us, is at the heart of most of our issues. For eg, I did a study on patriotism a couple of years ago, the concept is unknown downunder. I can still find no basis for that concept.

    SBT, you wanna bet? We had a major klepto in charge while Harper was still trying to spell ecinom… acanom… Well it seems he failed that too.

    SWA, hey! I’ve a list here as long as your arm. Get in line!!!

  5. Corruption and deception have always been with us, but the sheer scale of it today is what’s shocking. What doesn’t help is that the media is complicit. So much for the Fourth Estate.

  6. Holte, the media has been a great vehicle for corruption. Perhaps thankfully commercial media is in rapid decline. The same cannot be said for political establishments, alas

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