A Year of Living Spare-ingly

Until you decide to pack up all your sh*t and stick it in a 10×15 storage locker, you never really conceptualize just how much useless junk you’ve acquired. While it’s true that, in the run-up to our ‘grand roadtrip‘, the Frogette and I spent months selling off everything that wasn’t nailed down…there were still boxes and boxes of things that we just couldn’t bear to part with, and the worst of it were the ‘spares’.

Oh sure, for the right price one can sell just about any piece of electronics, TV, printer, or piece of furniture. And what one can’t sell, when placed outside of any San Francisco flat, usually disappears in the space of a few minutes. But what I’m talking are the things you can’t sell, like…dental floss. How is it that a pair of frogs manages to acquire somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 packages of dental floss? Well, of course, we really do know the answer to this question: “It was on sale.”; “The dentist gave us one or two on our last visit.”; “At one point we bought a ‘MEGA-floss’, enough to stretch from here to the moon!”

And that’s not all… Do you poach the good shampoos/conditioners/soaps/gels from those hotels you stay in? Of course you do! I mean they add $10 or $20 to your nightly bill just for this stuff. So, “Hell yes!” you take it, but of course that comes back to haunt you when you’re packing for vacation and you discover enough conditioner to keep the British Army’s hair silky and lustrous.

Yes…it’s been almost 8 months since the Frogette and I decided to go on the road—4 since we actually left California—and we have yet to come to the end of ‘the spares’.

11 thoughts on “A Year of Living Spare-ingly”

  1. Dental floss? But frogs lack teeth.

    TomCat… So you see why this is such a problem. ;-)

    Holte… We’ve been making ‘care-packages’ of stuff and mailing them ahead to the places we’re going.

  2. Kvatch, in recent years I have endured a constant battle to reduce my life to a couple of suitcases and that essential ‘manbag’ for documents. Difficult for someone who expects a piece of apparel to last a decade.
    As for the other detritus, the personal hygiene stuff, if I’m not using it soon it is left behind. Traveling is hard enough these days without adding to the load.

  3. “what one can’t sell, when placed outside of any San Francisco flat, usually disappears”

    When I was in the planning stages of moving out of my Vancouver apartment I was flummoxed at how much it would cost me just to have what furniture I couldn’t sell hauled away. A friend advised me, “Leave it in the alley, it’ll be gone in two days. If it isn’t gone, put a lock and chain on it. It’ll be gone in two hours.”

    BTW, love the image of the British Army marching to battle with the Clairol girl look.

  4. Cartledge… I think a couple of suitcases would be admirable, but unachievable, for us. We needed to buy a car just to haul what we thought was absolutely necessary for the next year from one state to another. :-)

    SBT… Getting rid of stuff by putting it out on a San Francisco sidewalk is really what Reagan meant by ‘trickle-down economics’.

  5. Kvatch, admirable as it might be, to be truthful I am still plagued by an addition packing box. At least once a month I add to the burgeoning carbon threat by wandering around frustrated, fuming Dalek like, eliminate – eliminate. It seems there is a stuff limit which is difficult to pass.

  6. Cartledge… I doubt Delek’s give a second thought to the carbon threat. :-)

    Randal… Damn! Should have thought of that. “Dental floss from Neverland Ranch! $10,000 per foot!”

    Mr_Blog… Which? Pulled her from the curb? Or checked out the silky lustrous hair?

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