The questions still need asking

Before I head off back to the splendid isolation of my rural retreat, which lacks power and other amenities like internet, a quick reflection on issues arising in the past week or so. Well perhaps this can be summarized with headline and sub-head which caught my attention: Who else but Fox News would have Sarah Palin? Palin fits in totally at Fox – standing up for ignorance and stupidity.

The late Sir Keith Murdoch was widely regarded as a ‘scholar and a gentleman’ in Australia. An unofficial sobriquet to be sure, but the highest accolade one Aussie can give to another. Sure he ended up owning newspapers, the springboard for the loathsome Rupert, but Keith cared about journalism and about those in the industry. He helped establish the AJA, the journos union here.

Now second question here is: How did Rupert catapult a minor region media property into a global enterprise? Oh, and a third: Why did Rupert start talking about charging online access fees after the demise of his political benefactors?

Rupert accepted his inheritance with great pleasure and sought to make his name immediately with the launch of ‘The Australian’ newspaper. Rupert soon joined forces with transport magnate, Peter Abeles; allegedly shipping illicit drugs around the word. Possibly complicit in this was Bush Sen., Cheney and that toad Richard Armitage.

Back to media; Rupert quickly found a home in the USA, dumping his Australian passport for a more profitable one. As a compliant minion of the American political establishment Rupert had it made, so long as they lasted and he followed order. Presumably embracing (a horrid thought) Palin Rupert sees the potential to stay in the loop.

The point is, Murdoch is not committed to journalism, rather he is committed to his on vision of power. Now we have some national leaders with IQs bigger than their shoe sizes one would hope that is a false hope for Rupe. On the other hand, IQ is no real indicator of potential. It is up to the people to keep badgering and asking.

6 thoughts on “The questions still need asking”

  1. Where are you? Still in South America? Good for you guys, doin’ it.
    We sold everything twice! Yes, two different times we headed out with what we could carry in the old Chevy and a small trailer. No storage locker, no crap at friend’s houses. Ready to do it again in spirit, but not ready in reality.

    Best of everything to your venture. Get up to Northern Wisconsin, give me a shout. Looks like I’ll be here for at least a couple more years.
    As far as the media is concerned? there is no reputable media any longer in this country. It is a business and all that is reported is that which will turn a profit. Sarah Palin is selling like hotcakes, so, she’s everywhere. I’m sure she’ll do a “Sarah Lite” playboy spread soon.

    Peace Brother, for you and Frogette and your journey.

  2. Hey Spadoman! Yes, the Frogette and I are still in South America, till the end of February, but once we’re back in the US we’re on the road again and expect to be in Wisconsin in the early summer. I have a brother in Madison, so we’ll definitely be in your neck of the woods.

  3. Rupert doesn’t give a flying fox about journalism, about quality, about what passport he uses. It’s all about the bottom line and if he has to pander to the lowest common denominator to get blank ink, so be it.

  4. Kvatch, great catch. Thank you

    Holte, my point is that Rupert is not even a good business operator. Without his political/criminal patrons he invariably fails. Tits and bums represent their target audience, well that and drugs. You might note that each time Rupert went solo on a venture, e.g. moving into India and China, or his various cell network ventures, the losses amounted to tens of billions. Now without the deep pockets of patrons he is struggling.

    ERITAS, I am at a loss to find anything slightly attractive about Palin. But then I doubt I am classed as the target market. Obviously simply possessing female body parts is a turn on to this market. Beats me.

    An apology in advance. I will be heading back to a pre-technology wilderness in shorty. So sorry if I am not very responsive. Thanks to all

  5. Cartledge – I’m waiting for the day that Murdoch tries to turn his red staters into paying customers. He’s in for a big surprise, they have no money.

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