Send in the clowns

Bush on Lessons from Previous Disasters: Don’t Set Expectations Too High
This was an actual headline over at this week.  I’m sure the Haitians, who’ve just suffered a 6.1 aftershock today, will be delighted to hear that our former President is riding to their aid.  To be fair to the Demander in Chief that’s not exactly what W said.  Still remembering how he handled Hurricane Katrina it does sound like him doesn’t it?  Set the bar low, story of George W. Bush’s life.  How sad that he’s even involved in the Haiti mission.  Frankly I’d have preferred to keep the Bush, Sr./Clinton tag team intact.  I mean what’s W going to do ship ’em beer and pretzels?  Time for you to retire from public life buddy and just go away.

3 thoughts on “Send in the clowns”

  1. Dave – That’s like comparing Darth Vader to the Evil Emperor.

    Randal – Was it a stick pretzel or a twist? I find myself wondering if those “high nutrition” biscuits we’re shipping by the thousands could cause similar “incidents”. First do no harm…right?

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