D-D Day, “Democracy is Dead Day”

Two weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commissions, and how a ruling in that case overturning the lower court, would destroy once and for all the fiction that citizens have any influence in the so-called democratic political system of the United States.

Well the Supreme Court just handed down their decision: 5-4 in favor of overturning the lower court’s ruling. So let me make the situation now absolutely crystalline clear by quoting from my previous post:

…McCain-Feingold will be eviscerated, corporations will be elevated to the status of people once and for all and will be able to dump as much money as they want, into any election they want, in support of whomever they want.

Imagine how politics will be conducted after such a decision. Any politician that deviates from the corporate orthodoxy, even a little, will simply be unseated in his/her next election. Corporations will deploy their limitless resources to ensure that no one…EVER…votes in a way that harms their interest.

From now on the only voice that will speak in US elections will be the voice of money. If you have it—corporations and the very wealthy—you are now infinitely more powerful, more equal, than any single citizen or group of citizens.

Need health care? Want to reform the insurance system? Want to force the government to stop giving public money straight to Wall Street? F*cking forget about it! No politician, from Pelosi to Reid, McCain to Feingold, will dare risk the consequences of opposing corporate interests.

As I said in my previous post: Game over!

17 thoughts on “D-D Day, “Democracy is Dead Day””

  1. It’s a sad day for sure. I can’t see any way that the corporations won’t be able to anything and everything they want. Workplace safety rules weakened, anti union laws, consumer protection gutted….you name it, if it hurts the bottom line then its out.

  2. Fallenmonk… Moreover our only recourse at this point is a Constitutional Amendment that would effectively deny free speech guarantees to any entity but individual citizens. But, of course, getting one passed will now be impossible since any representative that shows support for such an amendment will immediately be targeted for removal by the corporations.

    Frogette… ‘Dark Ages’? Not really. This, in fact, this is something quite new, a corportocracy with a fictional veneer of democracy.

  3. Really, doesn’t this outrageous decision just put the Supremes’ stamp of approval on what we already have? Face it, the insurance companies got health care reform turned into a bonanza for them, at the people’s expense both as consumers and taxpayers. And cap-and-trade appears poised to go just where corporate interests want it to go: nowhere.

    Yes, we do need a constitutional amendment.

  4. Randal… The dovetailing of corporate interests and citizen interests! I knew there was a silver lining here.

    S.W… Agree 100%! Sort of why I said, “…destroy once and for all the fiction that citizens have any influence…”. A constitutional amendment the ordinary way is now impossible. A Constitutional Convention is the only alternative. How ironic is that? A CC is something that I’ve opposed pretty much forever.

  5. “Game Over” — LOL. Unfortunately I think the game was already over a long time ago. This movie had its final plot twist a long time ago; it’s just taken several decades for us to see “The End” and the rolling of the credits.

  6. Tom… Indeed! Started with that bastard Reagan. Pretty much my whole political life, from the day I was able to vote, has been one long stretch of watching the US destroy itself.

    Holte… Yes the vaunted ‘independence of the judiciary’ now only refers to their independence from the limits of the Constitution.

  7. Stumbled onto your site via the comment you left on my site. Having polled my friends and neighbors I feel like Diogenes of Sinope; knowledge of this Supreme Court thumb in the eye of democracy has gone unnoticed in the maelstrom of non-news and entertainment effluvium.

  8. Wow. Conservatives hit the lottery this week; the momentous Scott Brown win, Obamacare is on life support or flat-lining, McCain/Feingold takes a beating by SCOTUS and by extension, the Fairness Doctrine, and Air America goes belly up. Does it get any better than this? Oh, yes it does. SCOTUS declares businesses can support presidential and congressional candidates. Let freedom ring!

    Suppose you little liberals are gonna go and pout now.

  9. Oh, yes it does. SCOTUS declares businesses can support presidential and congressional candidates.

    Ah Helen (imposter)… Spoken like a perfect little surf, a ideal wealth creation machine for the corporations that just took over your government.

    Doc… Welcome to Ragebot! You’re right…the issue is getting short-shrift in the MSM, just as you’d expect considering who controls the media giants.

  10. How long will it be, once the totally bought-and-paid-for congress is seated, before the Senators from Chevron and Halliburton introduce legislation mandating military service be performed by the worker bees of our nation? After all, there are more wars to be waged for oil, minerals and access to geographically desirable military outposts and air fields. The U.S. military is already overextended, so obviously the cannon fodder will have to come from the general populace including the teabaggers. Corporate America can’t depend on volunteers being enough to do the job. “Invest your son” will have a comeback in this new age of corporate facism.

  11. I can’t recall a whole nation going insane before!

    David… Ironically the *nation* as a whole, hasn’t gone insane, if comments from bloggers on the left…and right, are to be believed. It’s only the asswipes on the Supreme Court and their master’s in the Rethuglican Party that have apparently gone insane.

    Doc… We joke, but it will be very interesting to see how far corporations are going to take their new found power. Unless they tread carefully on how they use Congress to force their agenda, they may find their executives getting treated like the fascists of 20th century Europe.

  12. One thing about this decision that our conservative friends may not have thought through is the fact that FOREIGN corporations can now possess their own personal senator. How would the newly owned Senator from Bejing for instance, vote regarding the trade imbalance with China? Drilling off the coast of California might be high on the list for Saudi Arabia as that country’s oil reserves begin to dip; best invest a few million to own a complacent contingent of the US Congress to make sure legislation slides right on through to make that happen. And how about all that money owed to foreign nations? Now they can make sure that X% of US tax dollars flow directly to the coffers of our creditors overseas, turning the spigot higher or lower as suits their purpose. Unintended consequences have a tendency to make themselves known sooner rather than later.

  13. Doc… That’s a very good point, one that I only read about a few days after the decision. I now suppose we liberals are going to need to make common cause with the libertarians and Bircher’s, huh?

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