John Edwards the dumbest lay in the land

I was falling over laughing this week about the insane details coming out about John Edwards infamous “Mistress Cover-up”.  This man has got to be the dumbest lay ever.  First he falls for a new agey California filmmaker.  Then he decides he’ll just cheat a little bit on his wife.  Did I mention she’s suffering from incurable cancer?  Shades of Newt Gingrich anyone?  Well the story goes on.  Turns out the idiot mistress gets pregnant and Edwards campaign manager sends her into hiding so that Edwards can maintain his bid for president.  His former aide who accepted responsibility for the child’s paternity also goes into hiding with her and his wife.  Are you still with me?  Well they spend the entire pregnancy camped out in high end hotels and flying around the country in private jets all on the dime of a 99 year old  private donor named “Bunny” Mellon.  To the tune of $700,000 sent via chocolate boxes with notes saying, “This is the save the nation.”.  Obviously Bunny had no idea what she was paying for.  In the end they spent over a million dollars and it all came out anyway.  These things always do.  What next?  Well the aide is morally indignant enough with Edwards actions that he has written (and is flogging) his own book, The Politician.  Yeah, the guy who lied about paternity is pissed because Edwards didn’t tell America the truth.  Somebody get that guy a mirror, “Hello pot?  This is the kettle, you’re black!”.  Oh and did I mention he has photos and a sex tape of Edwards and his mistress safely stashed away?  American scandal.  It just doesn’t get any better than this!

8 thoughts on “John Edwards the dumbest lay in the land”

  1. I can just see the scriptwriters for the old “Dallas” series scratching their heads and acknowledging they couldn’t make up stuff this seamy and wacky.

    Edwards’ selfishness comes at a terrible cost to him and everyone close to him. If he has any conscience, he’ll spend the rest of his life learning how high that cost is and regretting he ever signed himself and his family up to pay it.

  2. A lot of fingers are pointing at Edwards here, and rightfully so, but what about the woman who slept with a married man? They both displayed an enormous amount of poor judgment, but how could she carry on like that knowing that it would destroy the career of the man she allegedly cared about? There are a lot of scumbags here, I just feel they all need to be addressed.

  3. S.W. – You’re so right. This is a heavy, heavy burden for his family to bear. Imagine how that lovechild is going to feel when she realizes her father denied her for the first two years of her life. I hope he’s saved up for her therapy.

    LewScannon – I wholeheartedly agree, she’s a total publicity whore. I would add that this woman knew the wife she was deceiving was in ill health. I can just hear the rationalizations. It makes me sick to think of it. Besides I don’t think she ever gave a thought to the kind of life her child is going to have. Not winning “mother of the year” from us here at Ragebot.

  4. And, like most sex/family scandals on the part of politicians, this has precisely no bearing whatsoever on his ability to govern a nation.

    The guy with the Argentinian mistress, okay, it had bearing on his abilities, but most of the time it’s just smear and distraction.

  5. Thomas – I think the guy with the Argentine mistress proved he can’t manage public money or his e-mail account for that matter. At least Edward’s wife didn’t stand up all tearful and helmet-haired and say she’s standing by her man. She kicked his ass to the curb. Love her!

  6. Cartledge! Good day mate. I thought you were out wrestling crocs and brewing moonshine in the Bush. The Frog is the “soul of fidelity” as we say here at Casa de las Ranas. No worries. Cheers!

  7. Frogette, G’day to you. I feel like a sniper, sneaking in from the hills at odd times, firing a few rounds then disappearing. As to the moonshine, the project is on hold for now due to a lack of basic ingredients – water. But you will be pleased to hear I am upholding my patriotic duty by assisting in the reduction of our wine glut. The quality is excellent and the prices cruelly reduced, though taxes remain the major component.
    Sorry to have wrongly impeached the Frog. I should know better. Well back to the hills now. Take care all.

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