I hope you’ve had your shots…

…because there is a plague headed your way.  And, no I’m not talking of the H1N1 pandemic Kvatch spoke of earlier this week, I mean the “Foreclosure Plague”.  Yes foreclosures aren’t just a financial inconvenience wreaking havoc across the U.S. economy, they are now a plague.  CNNMoney.com this week issued a post with the tagline, “Foreclosure Plague:  Don’t Catch It”.   It is basically a list of “hot spots” in America where foreclosures are still going strong.  The headline, however, made we want to go into decontamination.  Foreclosure is a plague?  And it’s spreading?  Does that mean I could, uh, catch it?  Wait, I don’t own a home, whew, I’m probably immune.  The rest of you, watch out!

4 thoughts on “I hope you’ve had your shots…”

  1. The American home should be bailed out by the Obama administration, as it is too big too fail, moreso than the crooked banksters who are reveling in TARP payment bonuses..

  2. Well, the American Dream for many is now a nightmare.

    Of course, not for the Robber Barons and Banks. For them it is a marvelous buying opportunity. Sweep in, make a ridiculous offer, and when things improve, make a motza!

    Of course, there is a risk in this given the strong possibility of a double-dip recession. Doesn’t your heart go out to the wealthy as they wrestle with the situation?

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