Alles klar Tax Commisar

So I got this e-mail today and I had to laugh out loud.  I’ve been offered money from Nigerian Lawyers, marriage proposals from Russian woman, and um, enhancements for my “equipment”, but I’ve never been accused of making more money.  Especially not in the past year.  Dude!  You have no idea how wrong you are!

From:  Tax Commisar

Dear taxpayer,

The Federal income tax is a progressive tax, meaning that the more you earn, the higher your tax rate. Your tax rate depends not just upon your taxable income, but also upon your filing status (single, married filing jointly, etc.).

You’re in a higher tax bracket because:
– your annual income for the last tax year has increased.

Please review your annual tax report immediately at: get report

9 thoughts on “Alles klar Tax Commisar”

  1. Come and rock me, well, nothing really rhymes, but the only other Falco song I’m remotely familiar with is the one where he plays a nutjob in the video.

  2. Randal – Falco always plays a nutjob in the video. :-)

    Holte Ender – You think I have to declare it if I never e-mailed back?! What about that Russian bride? Yikes! Where will we put her?

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