I said PASS the damn Salt!

New Mexico passed a law this week making it legal for residents to carry handguns into restaurants serving alcohol.  Just wine and beer mind you, but we’re talking concealed weapons.  The New Mexico state senate has billed this, “An effort to reduce crime”.  How?  I have no idea!  I don’t know about you, but the Frog and I have decided that now not only are we not moving to New Mexico, we’re not even sure we’ll dine there.

7 thoughts on “I said PASS the damn Salt!”

  1. Hmmmmm, I’m actually headed to New Mexico this week. I’m leaving tomorrow and will be eating in restaurants in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Truth or Consequences, Silver City and Deming!
    I have been going down there for a short spell in Winter for the past 22 years. I’m sure there have been people carrying guns the whole time, but now they advertise it. Every goof ball and idiot will be waving them damn things around now.
    Oh well, I hope they just leave me alone while enjoy some good Chile Verde.
    Hope all is good with you folks. Hang in there.

  2. Spadoman… Despite the current wackiness, New Mexico is a wonderful state: Friendly people, great hiking, great food. We’ll be back in the US in a week, and I’m looking forward to my first trip to Mesilla (near Las Cruces) for chili rellenos.

    When will you be in Silver City?

  3. Spadoman – Be safe. Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Silver City, no problem. Deming you never know man it could escalate over who gets the last shrimp! Mmmm, chile verde. You’re making my mouth water. Kvatch is right, we both love NM. Hiked the Gila and visited Silver City last year and it was like Berkeley in the Southwest.

  4. Geez, small world. I used to have a place in Silver City. I will be in Albuquerque on Thursday night, Feb. 18th. I’ll get a room in Truth or Consequences and do day trips to Silver City and Las Cruces area. (I also will go to Mesilla, great coffee vendor on the square) Probably Saturday to Silver and Sunday to Mesilla. I have to fly home Monday, Feb 22, but will return in March with a friend and our motorcycles on a trailer around the 15th for another stay in T or C, some riding and hot springs.
    Chile Verde at Nancy’s Silver Bell Cafe with the huevos rancheros for breakfast. Rellenos at El Paisanos on Silver St. and 15th for dinner.
    Maria’s in Santa Fe Thursday for dinner before pulling in to Albuquerque. Damn, I’m hungry!
    When you guys coming to Wisconsin?
    Take care and be well.


  5. Damn Spadoman we´re just going to miss you in Feb! We love Mesilla, our favorite chile relleno joint is there (Pepper´s Cafe in the Double Eagle on the square). Who´s got the good coffee? Maybe we can catch you in NM in March. We are coming to your neck of the wood this Summer for sure.

    LewScannon – I thought Darwin had been discredited…kidding!

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