To This We Have Been Reduced – Your Dead-end Disposable Job

The Detroit public schools have teamed up with that foremost purveyor of low-wage, low-esteem, dead-end employment, Walmart, to offer a for-credit course in ‘job readiness’ that includes entry-level service-sector employment.

Now… In a city where the unemployment rate is estimated to be an astonishing 50%, you might think that any job, even a job at Walmart is an attractive proposition. But two questions arise: First, is this the way we should be spending scarce public school dollars, on training for what is essentially ‘disposable’ employment? Second, why-the-f*ck does Walmart get to shift the training burden (such as it is) onto the public? Isn’t this just another government give-away to a company that already makes a big chunk of its enormous profits by squeezing its workers?

Or…perhaps this is just an acknowledgment of the new reality of employment in the US—disposable jobs, disposable workers, and the fact that education is no longer a guarantee of stability and success.

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4 thoughts on “To This We Have Been Reduced – Your Dead-end Disposable Job”

  1. Argh! My son is working at Walmart. It was the only job he could find after recently becoming unemployed. At this rate he’s never going to able to move out on his own! He’s been offered other employment by temp agencies but it’s only part time, and a short time at that, so he has refused. He continues to look for a better job, and maybe go back to school, but his prospects are dim in the current economy if you ask me.

  2. Pretty soon, high schools won’t be teaching that quaint old readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic any more. The future curriculum will include:

    Hi, Welcome to Wal-Mart 101;
    Would You Like Fries With That 101;
    Telemarketing tips (beginning, intermediate and advanced).

  3. The only problem with disposable jobs is that they don’t generate enough disposable income to afford to buy useless Chinese knick-knacks, such as Wal Mart sells…

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