Rebranding the Iraqi war won’t make it any more popular

The Obama Administration has just announced that since it can find no exit strategy for the war in Iraq it’s doing the next best thing, rebranding.  Yup, like Comcast-Xfinity, Operation Iraqi Freedom will now be know as Operation New Dawn.  Operation New Dawn, doesn’t it just give you a warm fuzzy?  It’s apparently set to coincide with the drawdown of troops in Iraq (I’ll hold my breath).  Military families are up in arms about the Admistration’s attempt to end a war by simply changing it’s name.  Oh and did I mention that Operation New Dawn is how the Iraqis referred to the 2004 battle for Falluja?  I don’t think they’re going to be happy when they get this memo.

10 thoughts on “Rebranding the Iraqi war won’t make it any more popular”

  1. Well, since Operation Iraqi Freedom had little, if anything, to do with freedom (or really Iraq actually), I guess a little re-branding is okay. Calling it Operation Exxon-Mobil didn’t get very far, I guess.

  2. @ Holte – or maybe “polishing the turd” would be as appropriate. Though I’ve never seen a turd before that cost $TRILLIONS and hundreds of thousands of lives.

  3. Exxon Mobil has big ambitions for their company, and while the economy is pretty rough right now, they are constantly working to better improve its’ customers standards of living and trying to find the newest and best technology that is cleaner and safer for our environment.

  4. Dave Splash – I agree that wouldn’t catch on. How about Operation Cheney Hard-on?

    Holte Ender – My thought exactly.

    Randal – Could we make t-shirts? Goodie!

    SadbutTrue – Amen, and that has gained us what in the end?

    exxon mobil – Thanks for that commercial break, now get lost.

  5. S.W. Anderson – Yeah rebranding is the 21st century way of admitting defeat. If you can win it, rename it and declare victory. I can’t believe they are selling off pieces of AIG under cover of darkness. Can you imagine how the average America would react if they knew about this?! There really is no justice anymore.

  6. “Dawn” is also the name of a hugely popular Pagan/Wiccan themed comic book character.

    I can only hope that that will piss off the fundies. I can’t see any other silver lining here.

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