Brita filters & black pepper

Dr. Faber (a.k.a. “Dr. Doom”) spoke at a investment conference in Tokyo last week and warned his audience to stock up on farmland and gold in preparation for the next “dirty” war.  In his keynote speech at the Annual Investment Forum he suggested to pension fund managers and investment bankers that their cell phones would cease working, the Internet would shut down and water sources would be poisoned during this upcoming war.  His advice?  Move out to the countryside (apparently cell phones and Internet will work there…), and take gold since you can carry it.  I don’t know about you, but carrying gold sounds like a ridiculous prospect.  The Frog and I discussed it and decided instead we’d stock up on Black Pepper and Brita filters and ride out the upcoming Apocalypse.

7 thoughts on “Brita filters & black pepper”

  1. …but why black pepper?

    Easier to carry than gold; was almost as valuable in the middle-ages; and you’re going to need something to cover the taste of all that ‘poisoned’ food. ;-)

  2. Mmmm. Do you think that Brita will stand up to poisoned water sources? Filtering the chemical and/or mineral tasting stuff in regular city water is one thing. Poison is another – sort of. Maybe we better take our pepper and invest in a serious water treatment plant out in the heartland somewhere.

  3. Zenyenta – This is America, how could our products not work? I mean you remember when the Bush Adminstration told us some plastic sheeting and duct tape would keep us safe from chemical attacks right?

    ERITAS – “What ho!” LoL!

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