What are the odds?

The Bachelor season finale happened this week, and while I have a strict policy never to watch this show I did read on ABCNews.com that Jake proposed to Vienna.  This got me thinking.  In the 14 seasons of The Bachelor a significant number have proposed, but only 1 has actually made it down the aisle.  In fact a little research revealed that in the 14 seasons they’ve been on the air proposals vs. non-proposals are split exactly even, 7 for 7.  Most couples who did become engaged were decoupled before the final episodes aired.

Now I’ve been a single woman, given it was many, many years ago, but I had 2 serious relationships before meeting and marrying the Frog.  That means my odds simply dating like a regular person were way better than anything a woman is going to find on reality television.  1 in 14 ladies.  Think about it.  Do you really want to marry or are you just in it for that 15 minutes of fame?

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