Giveaway To ‘Big Insurance’ Passes House

You can sum up the so-called “health bill” that passed the House last night in one sentence:

Mandatory insurance is NOT universal care!

…no matter what that asswipe Obama or the corporate cronies in the Democratic Party say.

This bill is a f*cking disaster.  It’s an enormous giveaway to Aetna, Cigna, and Wellpoint that will do little to improve the health situation for those 25 – 32 million people who’ll be forced to buy private insurance in public exchanges.  Did you see the part of the bill that details the quality of coverage in these ‘plans of last resort’?  No?  Probably because it’s not there!  Likewise, the ability to exclude based on pre-existing conditions isn’t gone.  It’s just been delayed in order to force more people into the exchanges where insurance companies can offer crap coverage with crippling deductibles at high rates.

About the only good thing in this bill are the industry targets for how much of premiums must be spent on actual care.  But that doesn’t go far toward mitigating the reality of this bill:  The party, that at every stage voiced their support for a ‘public option’, did everything in their power to ensure that no such option ever made it into this bill.

Long story short:  Obama, Pelosi, and Reid screwed us and gave the insurance industry more than it could ever have hoped for from the GOP.

4 thoughts on “Giveaway To ‘Big Insurance’ Passes House”

  1. Taking the public option off the table at the outset a year ago, along with the deal with Big Pharma, signalled Obama’s true objective: extending the life of the existing private insurance system.

    Centrists have one foot in conservative-ism, they don’t shift paradigms.

  2. Mr_Blog… I’m actually getting in the ‘Thuglican camp and hoping for the States’ AGs to deal it a death blow in the courts. Then we can move on to real reform, reform that will be both state and GOP-proof.

    Randal, Libhomo… Randal’s just needling me cause I have been known to criticize people who vote for 3rd party candidates. Have to say, theough, they may know more than I.

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