Gingrich calls health care overhaul elitist – Doesn’t cover legal fees for cancer ward divorces

Former Congressman Newt Gingrich today blasted the nation’s health care overhaul legislation, calling it elitist.

The former House Speaker’s remarks came only minutes after President Obama signed the measure into law in a White House ceremony.

“I’m opposed to this elitist legislation, which does nothing to help with the crushing legal fees of the tens of thousands of assholes who would serve divorce papers on their wives who are in post-op recovering from cancer surgery,” Gingrich told Fawn Craven this morning on the Fox News program Craven Journalism.

“The reality today is that only rich assholes can afford to divorce sick wives, whether with cancer or some other disease. Insurers should be required to cover divorce expenses of poor assholes too — trading up to a trophy wife should not be based on income, not in my America,” Gingrich said

Gingrich said he would work to repeal health care reform, and seek to have it replaced with a more comprehensive reform that would include federal subsidization of alimony payments.

4 thoughts on “Gingrich calls health care overhaul elitist – Doesn’t cover legal fees for cancer ward divorces”

  1. Enjoyment of the humor is tempered by realization Gingrich is such an egotistical, know-it-all jerk, he might actually do something like that.

    I know nothing about Gingrich’s ex-wife who had cancer, but he did her a favor, albeit with the selfishness and cruelty I would expect from him. I hope the poor woman survived both afflictions and came out stronger for the experience.

  2. Ah, Gingrich, like so many on the right are not seeing the benefits that would accrue to an asshole wanting to divorce a wife who happens to be hospitalized for cancer. A very sick wife, no matter how much of a scum sucking cad her ex to be is, might resist a divorce – thereby driving up its cost exponentially. She might contest it simply because she’s afraid of being without medical insurance. Once the new bill is fully in place she’d be able to get it regardless of her inconvenient pre-existing condition, and if need be, get a subsidy to help her or her ex (depending on the settlement agreement) afford it.

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