Mandatory Life In Prison For Cagers

You know…it’s time we stopped screwing around when it comes to sentencing in murder cases that involve cars and trucks. It boils down to this: If you’re stupid enough, arrogant enough, or irresponsible enough to use a multi-ton vehicle as a weapon, then when you’re convicted you should spend the rest of your life in jail…PERIOD! No appeal, no extenuating circumstances, go straight the clink and rot there for the rest of your f*cking life!

Take the case of Monica Mercado, recently given a 32 years to life sentence in Compton, California for running down a pregnant rival for her boyfriend’s affections. This bitch will probably be out of prison and back in an SUV in 15 or 16 years—not even enough time to serve as a decent deterrent.

Frankly, if it were up to me, I’d take ever case of vehicular manslaughter and prosecute it as murder first, letting the circumstances as presented at trial dictate whether or not the charge should be reduced. That would deal with two big problems we have with how cagers treat pedestrians: 1) The fact that most people exercise no more restraint—no more responsibility—with their cars than they would if they were on foot or even on a bike; 2) The fact that most states have ludicrous and complex sets of rules about when the use of a car as a weapon constitutes murder and when it does not. Plain fact is, if every pedestrian/car encounter that results in a death is treated as a potential murder, cagers will have to think twice about how they drive.

3 thoughts on “Mandatory Life In Prison For Cagers”

  1. Oh whine, whine, liberal whine. If pedestrians don’t want to get killed, all they have to do is get bitten by a radioactive spider and then no car will be able to harm them. Sheesh.

  2. I’d leave the laws alone, if the car driver breaks one, throw them in the hole.

    Then too, I spend a lot of time looking at people on bikes way ahead of me trying to anticipate what they are going to do that’s stupid that I have to avoid. And arriving at the light where I sit and they break the law by scooting through, now and again causing a driver to hit the brakes to avoid hitting them.

    Then there’s the pedestrian that walks out in the road in the middle of the block that stares you down in your car, hit me, hit me, you’ll regret it. Yes I would; but, just once….

  3. Randal – Radio active spiders has promise. Where can I find one?

    Dave – Say it with me, “Hitting people is not nice.”

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