Hello Angels…

“Hi, Charlie!”  John Forysythe, a.k.a. Charles “Charlie” Townsend, that honey voiced speakerphone enigma from Charlie’s Angels went to his “heavenly reward” yesterday.  Forsythe who started his career as a bit player for Warners found fame and success in midlife as Charlie, the never seen boss of Kelly, Sabrina and Jill.  In later years he would stalk the small screen once again, this time as Blake Carrington scion of an oil family and romantic ne’er do well.  I was sad to hear of his passing.  It seems like the end of an era.  All I can think is somewhere Farah Fawcett is draped over a couch with Aaron Spelling sitting nearby at a desk saying, “Come in, come in John.  Have I got the job for you!”

6 thoughts on “Hello Angels…”

  1. I’m still wondering if he was the same bloke who was dad in the 60s sit com My Three Sons. Mind you, I know dick all about pop culture. I missed that class.

  2. When all my friends were drooling over Farah Fawcett, i always though the one with the long, dark hair on the end was the nicest.
    Can’t remember much about the show though.

  3. Cartledge, actor Fred Mac Murray starred in My Three Sons. Forsythe starred in the 1960s TV sitcom Bachelor Father.

    I think Forsythe led a charmed life, and quite a long one. I was amazed to hear he was in his nineties.

  4. Randal – You have hot pants? Oh I’m never getting that visual out of my head!

    Hanz – Welcome to Ragebot. I don’t believe we’ve met. I think we’re going to be friends though. The Frog is also a fan of brunettes. ;-)

  5. Cartledge – So nice to see you again. Nope he’s not the dad from My Three Sons. That was ex-Disney cash cow Fred MacMurray. Star of “The Shaggy D.A.”, “The Absentminded Professor” and the always classic, “Son of Flubber”.

    S.W. – I’m going to miss Forsythe. His voice is as iconic as James Earl Jones. Sigh…

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