Hate the Sinner

The Pope embodies moral truths that aren’t accepted, and the shortcomings and errors of priests are being used as weapons against the church… It’s not a bishop’s fault if one of his priests is stained by grave wrongdoing. And certainly the pontiff is not responsible.

— Angelo Sodano, dean of the College of Cardinals

There’s only one thing to say to such nonsense coming from the mouths of religious leaders who should really know better… WRONG-F*CKING-ANSWER!!!

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear, the Catholic Church is not a society. It is not a democracy. It is a theological order—a top-down, hierarchically structured dictatorship, where the man at the top has absolute authority over every single member of the clergy, from Cardinal Sodano to the lowest monk. And as such, his so-called “Holiness” has the power to judge, punish, and/or dismiss anyone who preys upon the church’s members. Is Benedict responsible for every instance of sexual abuse? No, but his authority over the clergy makes him absolutely responsible for every case where a pedophile priest could have been stopped…and wasn’t and every case where the church covered up the problem.

So… The more the Catholic hierarchy rallies around Benedict, the more we hear about how attacks on the pope are an orchestrated hate campaign against the church, the more we come to the realization that perhaps the Catholic Church deserves to be hated. If these hypocrites won’t take responsibility, they deserve to reap what they have sown.

9 thoughts on “Hate the Sinner”

  1. The pope and the Catholic church in general has been so disgraced over this peadophile priests thing that i’m surprised if nobody is sceptical when anything comes out of the Vatican now.
    They can wiggle all they like but the catholics, and religion in general, has taken yet another hammering.

  2. Randal… I never forget about Ol’ Scratch. He’s constantly with me, even as I write Ragebot! ;-)

    Matt… Benedict is pretty much leading as he always has…like a the head of the Holy Inquisition!

    Hanz… Benedict got a real PR problem right now. Of course his basically treating the whole mess as a PR problem…*IS* the problem.

  3. The Catholic Church has tried every tack to get out from underneath this scandal, I believe it won’t be long before they blame the victims for being so tempting.

  4. The Catholic Church has tried every tack to get out from underneath this scandal

    Yeah, every thing but an apology which is really all anyone wants. Step up Benedict.

  5. Although not Catholic myself, I would think that the majority of Catholics want the problem handled properly. But it seems that does not matter to this Pope.

  6. …won’t be long before they blame the victims for being so tempting.

    Lew… Or claiming that the pedophile priests are really just “plants” designed to smear Holy Mother Church.

    Holte… “Never trust an organization over the age of 30.”

    TomCat… Benedict should just take the blame and resign, would do the church a lot of good.

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