Chola wars

I’m new to Texas and Texas politics, but I have to admit I had no idea how dirty a campaign could get until I dropped down in this State. There is a local race here for State Representative between incumbent Norma Chavez and challenger Naomi Gonzalez. When I arrived in November they were both fielding attack ads accusing each other of impropriety. Naomi Gonzalez was using donor money to fund her college graduation party. Norma Chavez was skipping work and behaving like an absentee representative. By the time we’d returned from Ecuador the rhetoric was heating up. They started calling each other Republicans (seriously!), even though both are registered Democrats. When that didn’t get the desired response Norma Chavez accused Naomi Gonzalez of being a lesbian. I swear I am not making this up.   Gonzalez then produced a grandmother who refused to vote for Chavez because of the dirty campaign she’s running. Think that was the end, oh no, this is Texas. Chavez challenged Gonzalez to produce the grandmother claiming she didn’t exist.  These women grew up 3 miles apart.  They come from similar backgrounds and have similar platforms, but they are behaving like a couple of crazed cholas.  I think it’s time to start looking for a write in candidate.

7 thoughts on “Chola wars”

  1. The late Molly Ivins explained that Texas politics starts out as a contact sport, and it all goes downhill from there. To put it in local terms, if you ain’t fightin’ dirty, you ain’t fightin’.

    These women appear to be upholding the tradition. If one of them can get the other brought up on charges for drugs, prostitution or child abuse, Karl Rove is liable to come around trying to get that one to turn Republican and join his stable, which gave us George W. Bush for a president and John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchinson for senators.

    If you don’t want to, or can’t, run for office yourself, the safest course is to launch a campaign to get everyone in the legislative district to bypass the two contenders and write in the name of someone with a shred of decency and sense enough to come in out of the rain.

  2. S.W. – It is a hair pullin’ jamboree down here I can tell you. I’m expecting switchblades at 20 yards before election day.

    Randal – If your mother was a lesbian, wouldn’t your “father” be a woman? Just saying.

  3. TomCat – the special word that describes Democrats in Texas? It’s segregated. They’re here, they’re just grouped together to minimize the damage they can do to Republicans. You can thank Tom DeLay for that.

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