Strict construction makes Supreme Court unnecessary, Bachmann says

Even as President Obama weighs potential nominees to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, a growing number of conservative lawmakers say the high court itself is unnecessary and ought to be abolished.

Among them is Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who today called the Supreme Court nothing more than an expensive bureaucracy.
“Strict construction means the Constitution doesn’t change from its original meaning, so we don’t need to maintain a court to interpret it,” asserted Bachmann, “especially expensive lawyer types and the bureaucracy that goes with them.”

“And make no mistake — they are bureaucrats. In fact the entire federal court system is unelected and inaccessible to everyone but other lawyers,” said Bachmann, a tax attorney.

The Minnesota lawmaker said her vision of a future without a federal judiciary would mean a chance to explore alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as found in the Second Amendment: “Americans don’t want the courts coming between them and their vengeance.”

Bachmann also doesn’t expect eliminating the Supreme Court will have much of an impact on the other two branches of government. “Congress and the White House function just fine, even though the Supreme Court for many years has had fewer than nine justices,” she elaborated.

“Under the original language of the Constitution as written by the framers, Clarence Thomas is only three-fifths of a justice, Ginsburg and Sotomayor are husbands’ property, and so was Sandra Day O’Connor,” Bachmann explained.

3 thoughts on “Strict construction makes Supreme Court unnecessary, Bachmann says”

  1. Michele Bachmann isn’t even authorized to practice law. She was a tax collector for the IRS. She’s never had anything but a government job. If that’s not enough, her law degree is from Oral Roberts U.

  2. I wonder why those radical christian types that bachman courts feel the need to interpret their bible then. Since there is no need to interpret the constitution.
    bachman, (and palin, two not so bad looking broads), sell corporate ads and mean more money in the pockets of big media. I won’t pay them much mind. Just enough to know they are whack jobs, (and I don’t mean they are good looking enough to whack mine!)
    Peace brother and sister.

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