Sanctioned murder rules

When an inmate is murdered in a high security prison questions are bound to be asked. Until yesterday Carl Williams was the most notorious inmate in the Victorian (Australia) prison system. (Killed by a trusted inmate)

He was housed with two other prisoners, who he was apparently comfortable with and subject to 24 hour surveillance – cctv, a guard present, shackles outside the immediate cell area.

None of that stopped one of his mates there smashing him over the skull with part of an exercise bike, all caught on camera. The question is not who murdered Williams but how it can occur in such a secure environment.

William’s lawyer is the only one saying what others are thinking; he wants a full independent enquiry. He spoke to Williams the morning of the murder, about a tabloid front page claim of police paying his daughter’s school fees.

Few actually grieve Williams, apart from TV producers perhaps, but that revelation might have given a motive, as is suggested, that Williams was killed for being a dog (informer). Regardless of potential motives the fact that it happened in a high security facility, with a guard only metres away, still raises questions of prison and police integrity.

I, for one, still delight in the blatant openness of Aussie corruption. The truth, on past experience, will never be known and public perception of the country’s innate corruption will increase marginally. Oh, and we should see another Tele-drama too.

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