Not A Bailout…Really!

I am the first one to say that this industry does not want or need bailouts. But this crisis is not the result of running our business badly. … Governments should help carriers recover the cost of this disruption.

— IATA Chief, Giovanni Bisignani

When airlines step up and help their passengers recover the costs they’ve incurred due to this “disruption”, then and only then do airlines get to start whining about a government bailout!

— Kvatch

3 thoughts on “Not A Bailout…Really!”

  1. I think they’re going to have to throw someone into the volcano before they see a bailout. Isn’t that how it’s traditionally done?

  2. I saw on television that 1 in 6 Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. How come Obama is expanding the wars and planning more?

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