5 years ago yesterday, a frustrated amphibian—who hadn’t even really developed his online persona yet—wrote the first of what would eventually become almost 1500 posts for a blog called Blognonymous. Then, when that venue seemed to have worn itself out, that same amphibian switched to a new blog, this blog, and did another 300 or so posts along with a talented crew of malcontents.

Many things have changed since then. My writing has improved…a lot. I’ve made a bit of money from ads, I’ve developed a following on Flicker and in the Blogsphere for my political paste-ups, I started a movement, I’ve made some friends…and a whole bunch-o-enemies. The Frogette and I pulled up our lily-pad and took it on the road, which BTW we’re still doing having traveled 12,000 miles (in three countries) since last October. Unfortunately, what has not changed is the corrosive nature of our government and and the evil, greedy, corporate drones who laughingly refer to themselves as “public servants”. We know who runs this country, and if we were at all unsure before the Obama Administration took over from those idiot crooks in Bu$hCo, we can be sure now since our new president has proven himself to be just as much a fluffer for Goldman Sachs as his predecessor was.

I’d like to believe that in my own small way I pushed back against the powers that be, maybe bloodied a few noses, pissed off some important people, but really…that’s just bullshit posturing and wishful thinking. I could go on shouting at the wall, but the plain fact is that I’m getting older and need to focus on other stuff…like survival…like protecting what little the Frogette and I have managed to scrape together. And perhaps, this is just what those f*ckers in power want: A populace so afraid, so harried and overwrought that they can’t do sh*t about the wholesale looting of what’s left of the US middle-class.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I surrender. 5 years is enough, and I’m through. Perhaps I’ll blog again. Perhaps not. I guess we’ll see, but I can’t leave this stage, even temporarily, without mentioning a few bloggers who have touched my life:

The Ragebot Crew: The Station Agent, Mr_Blog, Cartledge, and most especially my dear Frogette!

All the bloggers that were there in the beginning, and who gave me comments and clicks in the early days: The Comandante, Blogenfreude, Fred, Peacechick Mary, Neil Shakespeare, Windspike, Enigma, Polishifter, Lily Branford, Snave, Lew Scannon, and Rex Kramer

The Barbarians: Tom Hilton, Deb, Generik, and everyone else in San Francisco.

All in all, I don’t regret a single word written nor the time I spent doing the writing. It was a great experience, and I hope that it had some value. I appreciate every comment, every click, every voice, and every single person who stopped by.

Thanks…and farewell.